The Creatrix

Hello, I'm Jordii


Born and raised in Jamaica my love of creating started at an early age, I began making and selling jewelry to my fellow classmates. After serving as an airman in the United States Airforce I was determined to start a business that was near to my heart. A business that was profitable but more than that was beneficial to others and something I would be proud to have my name on. 

After much research and soul searching, I decided to incorporate the talent I had of making custom jewelry with my love of gemstones. I contribute this decision to my genuine need to make others feel the peace I encompass when I am wearing my custom pieces.

Creating custom jewelry pieces became my mission. Living a simple and holistic life became my purpose and incorporating my upbringing which was filled with herbs, gemstones and so many of the beautiful gifts given to us by Mother Earth is my goal.


Let me create for you and your special occasion weddings, bridal showers, or any event where you would like to bring love, light, and self-awareness...