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HER Waistbeads


She told me that these waistbeads would be her first since her miscarriage, and I took that job seriously. I felt honored, and my waistbeading ritual began…

 I knew that I had to connect to Spirit and I had to tap into my intuition and let the gemstones talk to me, that I had to lose myself and allow her gemstones to choose her. I prepared by showering, smudging myself with sage, lighting candles, playing soothing music and getting in my comfortable beading position. I was ready.

The Process Began.

Garnet said, “Pick ME!” and I understood why. Garnet is so filled with mystery, just like the Goddess I was creating these waistbeads for. Garnet also lessens emotional disharmony, facilitates healing and will enable her to feel safe and grounded in her body.

Next, Carnelian told me it wanted to be with her and offered to bring her energy, strength and courage to live her truth- unapologetically.

Hematite chose to sit next to Carnelian, to strengthen her self-esteem & self-confidence. Losing a child takes so much out of a mother; oftentimes, eating away at her self-worth and how she sees herself and the world. Hematite refused to allow her to go through this pain alone. Know that you are supported, Goddess.

Red Jasper called me, trapped in between a bunch of other gemstones. The red represents the deep love, she had for her growing baby. The deep love she still has for her baby, who is now with her in spirit. Never to be forgotten and always apart of her. Red Jasper promised to bring her strength and heal her Sacral & Root Chakra, and to nourish her womb and most feminine parts. Red Jasper will help her to let go of any guilt she feels and activate her sexual and creative energies.

I was feeling like these gems would do, but then Tiger’s Eye Insisted. “She needs courage on her journey, I’ll help her to be resilient, bring her protection and good luck.”

The bead spinner kept spinning…

Mother of Pearl wanted to be dispersed throughout this waistbead strand. It reprents fertility and will aide in balancing her hormones.  

As I sat in my chamber working on this strand, I could feel the energy of this Goddess, whose waistbeads I was creating. I imagined what the waistbeads would look like against her beautiful chocolate skin. I smiled.

Then added one single Green Aventurine gem for good luck, success, comfort and protection of her heart chakra.

Thank you for choosing QueenJordii’s Gems, Goddess. It was truly such a honor!